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Terrible War in Ukraine !


Terrible War! For residents of all Ukraine. She divided families. Destroyed cities, towns, villages. Millions of displaced people are forced to leave their homes in fear of destruction and death. This is the apocalypse of the 21st century. Putin’s soldiers greedily rob Ukrainians. Because they are beggars themselves. That is why this war is so terrible and merciless. Russians are like Indians who rob conquistadors. Russians eat dogs, rape children. These are the horrors of war. This is Ukraine today! We pray every day for this horror to end. God help us, peace to all!

Every day millions of Ukrainians unite into one big organism. Breathable strong and independent. But today we need your help. Your faith in Ukraine. Faith in Justice. Faith in the light forces of good, which will inapplicably defeat darkness!

Support Ukrainians around the world. know we are responsive and kind. Many people simply did not expect such a vile and daring tactics of the aggressor, the occupier! We were not ready. But now we will get stronger, we will become a thousand times stronger. God is with us . The forces of light and goodness are with us. peace and love to all from brave Ukraine.

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